It forces us to think and behave differently. Change, though, offers possibility.

Speak Up Step Up

Speak Up Step Up is a motto I long ago adopted. Many people are unable to voice their opinions and ideas. Others are happy to speak up but may not step up to courageously act on what’s important to them. 

My work is about creating change agents who both speak up and step up. People who transform themselves are able to then transform others in their workplace, families, and communities. They become equipped with skills and tools to adapt and succeed in an ever-evolving world. 

As an executive leadership coach, working with individuals and organizations, I activate the talent that organizations need and witness people changing their lives, learning to adjust, bouncing back, recalibrating during times of transition, having an influence on others, and creating impact. My clients end up invigorated, confident, and achieving powerful results.

Suzanne McFarlin

Ignite    Align    Launch

Igniting the potential and passion in individuals and groups
Aligning strengths and personalities with group values and goals 
Launching the best selves and groups to achieve optimal outcomes

The Next Gen Leaders Program develops your talent into leaders who are resilient,
who have strong executive presence and are driven to create powerful results
for your company.

Clients consult with me on how to engage their staff to solve problems and create opportunities. My approach is to establish an open environment where creative thinking is valued and ideas can germinate.

I help people to transform. My goal is for my clients to clearly see who they are, stand taller in confidence, and live and lead intentionally and with purpose so that they can contagiously affect positive change.

“Working with Suzanne for two days was a very refreshing reminder that to be a strong leader, I have to take the time to focus on my own development.  As I transform myself, the effects will be exponential on those that I lead and the company as a whole.”
Linda Whitaker. Chief Operating Officer, Ashton Tiffany LLC

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