#intentionalliving is Being Awake Aware Alive


It pains me. Watching family, friends and clients drive their lives asleep at the wheel is common. Here’s what I see. They are unhappy, exhausted, not fulfilled, lacking passion, and frustrated. Most don’t know how to change how their lives are unfolding. It’s not always easy. It takes making choices. Change is unavoidable. Giving things up may have to happen. Intentional Living is how I find myself happy, fulfilled, energized, passionate and living with a sense of purpose. Intentional Living is being fully alive. It’s making choices about how I want to live and making trade-offs. It may be giving up something that looks good, to end up feeling good. One step you can take right now is to thoughtfully choose one thing that brings you energy and add it to your day. It’s that simple. #intentionalliving is energizing.

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