Light, pleasant, positive expectation

Friends like to give me orchids. Every time I receive one I cringe a little as I know that within a few weeks, the lovely blooms will slowly begin to fade and fall. I cannot keep an orchid in bloom, but hold onto the plants even though they end up as only lush leaves and trailing stems. I feel badly throwing them out so continue to religiously water them weekly. A month ago, I noticed a new shoot forming off one of my barren orchids. To my disbelief, a few weeks later, flower pods began to form. A few days ago, I was amazed to see a bloom begin to unfold. After years of nurturing an unfruitful plant, I get a little thrill every time I take in the intricate white blossoms. I am truly amazed. Some things need nurturing and patience. Even when we want to give up and toss things out of our lives, some things are worth hoping for, attending to and waiting on. It’s easy to get frustrated when things don’t turn out the way we plan or in the timing we expect. For years, I have been led by this concept, accept what is with a light, pleasant, positive expectation of what I desire. Being grateful for what you have now. Getting clear on what you want. Taking the measured steps to get there. Continuing to attend to the goal. Feeling light and joyful about it. Allowing time. Nurturing. Patience. It’s worth it.