A powerful alternative to
traditional forms of personal development

I help people to transform. My goal is for my clients to clearly see who they are, stand taller in confidence, and live and lead intentionally and with purpose. Leaders don’t have to be born, anyone can learn to lead. Powerful leaders identify a need, create impact and positively influence. As my clients invest in themselves, they acquire the ability
to pay it forward with others, the hallmark of transformational leadership.

“If you long for a life that feels a little out of reach – a life that reflects who you really are, integrating your life experiences, dreams and desires – Suzanne McFarlin may be the ideal coach for you. Suzanne specializes in helping you gain clarity about where you are in your life, where you want to go in the future, and how you can get there. By connecting you with your core self and providing you with the tools to craft a clear vision of your right life, her coaching can empower, calm, and inspire you. Her personal style focuses on helping you move through transitions, into a future you’ve deliberately created with purpose and meaning. Let Suzanne be a gentle, healing guide through your own changing circumstances, and help you discover all that your life is meant to be.”

Martha Beck. Renowned Author and Life Coach

Step Up Leaders Executive Coaching

If you are searching for something missing or feel struck with where you are, coaching may be right for you. The coaching conversation will focus on those things that are keeping you up at night or isolate the areas that need attention to increase your capabilities. I work with clients on developing their leadership and managerial skills, growing in their careers, managing relationships, time management, stress reduction, self-care, work-life balance and other issues that show up for them in their work and life. My approach is solution-oriented and tailored to meet your needs. Rather than focusing on long-term discussion of what’s not right, we will discover the possibilities moving forward and how to build from where you are now.

You will be asked to see things differently and stretch the possibilities beyond what you have imagined for yourself. My role as a coach is to bring awareness to areas where you may be feeling stuck and gently aid you in developing ways to respond powerfully to your life course, rather than react to it. You may think you will feel vulnerable, but this is accomplished in a safe and respectful way. I serve as a supportive listener and caring witness to your life experience. My greatest hope is that you emerge from coaching feeling authentic, abundant and fully alive.

My belief is that all answers lie within. As your coach, I serve as a guide in your own self-discovery. I am trained to ask the right questions to get you thinking differently, so you can form new behaviors that support your success. Once we establish your needs, we will determine the right approach for you for coaching. Change typically occurs over time, but many clients experience a quick shift in just a few sessions. Generally, I meet with clients weekly by video conference or in person. We set overall goals for coaching and when appropriate, we identify competencies you would like to improve. We track key accomplishments along the way, so we can be sure that you are reaching your goals. We revise plans as necessary and celebrate your achievements when we deem our work together complete.

In order to achieve your goals, through coaching, you will gain clarity about what you truly want, shape a sense of purpose, eliminate self-imposed barriers to your success, gather tools to manage change, design goals that are authentic to you, and form a solid plan for the future. Coaching will also help you gain new perspective, achieve greater self-awareness, get motivated to make a change, develop skills to communicate what you want, increase confidence, and stay accountable. You will feel confident, competent and energized.


As a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF), I abide by the ICF Code of Ethics and coaching standards. Through The Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE), I am also a Board Certified Coach specializing in Executive Coaching, as well as a Martha Beck Certified Coach. I am trained in the Gallup Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment and certified in the Four Lenses Personality Type Assessment.

Contact me discuss your unique needs and to determine how coaching can help you reach your goals