#intentionalliving is Above the Line

It’s up to me. When life seems to not be in sync, I am the only piece that I can change. I always marvel at people, who when unhappy, point the finger at someone else. My lovely niece pointed out yesterday, when I remarked on her sunny disposition, that she and I know how to make our own happiness. That doesn’t mean that it’s always easy. Sometimes I feel disappointed, disconnected and discontent. That’s my cue to look inward and ask myself, “What can I change?” My favorite empowerment model distinguishes between being above the line or below. Below is victim mode, fear, blame, etc. There are two questions that move us above the line to feel powerful, in charge and overall shift to a positive place. “What can I do to take responsibility?” And… “How can I be accountable?”

One of my regular go-to phrases is that people are just trying to get along in the world. So when I find myself in the dirty D’s: disappointed, disconnected and discontent, I try to remember that nobody is purposely trying to push me below the line. Intentional Living is taking charge of your perspective. #intentionalliving is choosing to be above the line.

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