#intentionalliving is Carefully Choosing Your Words

Take the word busy out of your vocabulary. What we think affects how we feel. If you are constantly focusing on being, busy, busy, guess how you will feel? Busy. In this day and age “being busy” is a status symbol. I am busy means I am important. There are healthier, more refreshing and less stressful ways to feel a sense that you are contributing. Intentional Living is moving through the day with ease and making choices about what you can realistically incorporate into your day. Often, when I feel busy, it indicates that I have taken on too much, have bigger expectations than possible to achieve, have allowed someone else’s agenda to dictate mine or have not done what I need to take care of myself. Although, we have stretches of time where our plates are full, if you are constantly feeling busy, take stock of what you can eliminate or delegate. For you, maybe saying that you are busy makes you feel good. If that’s not the case and doing so makes your heart race and gut churn, changing your thoughts to those that make you feel not busy and eliminating the word busy from your vocabulary may help you get things done with a sense of calm. #intentionalliving is carefully choosing your words.

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