#intentionalliving is Full Engagement

The Power of Full Engagement asserts that our most precious resource is our energy. How are you managing your energy? Many of us barrel through the day with the fear that slowing down or taking a break will decrease efficiency and output. The opposite is true. When we purposely pace ourselves and take “recovery rituals” every few hours, our productivity increases and we are not left spent at the end of a workday. Recently I shared this idea with a coaching client who is struggling balancing a demanding career with an active home life. When I asked her what she could do every few hours that would not take much time, she was at a loss for ideas. As we talked further, she started to think of things like getting up from her desk and making a cup of tea or walking the halls for 5 minutes. Then her face lit up. She said, “You know, I love to meditate.” Bingo. That’s a perfect small and easy activity to help restore energy. You can do it anywhere. It brings perspective and helps us to lighten the intensity of a demanding lifestyle. Intentional Living is incorporating recovery rituals to help you balance your energy so you can be fully engaged. #intentionalliving is full engagement.




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