#intentionalliving is Invigorating

It’s hot here. Exercising in the early morning offers a cooler option for any outdoor exercise and is my preference for setting an energized tone for the day. It’s not always possible. Yesterday, I found myself with about 15 minutes free at the end of the day. I thought about my options and decided to jump in the pool for my own version of water aerobics. My daughter decided to join me, which made it a quick and enjoyable social/fitness time. I felt invigorated. I didn’t feel guilty about not exercising. It was fun. Often, I hear from clients that their schedules are too full to fit in regular exercise. My typical rebound is to offer up that “15 minutes of exercise is better than none.” I am seeing those same people embracing the concept. They seem happier and better equipped to take on a full load at work and home. #intentionalliving is invigorating. 

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