#intentionalliving is Jumping In

Arriving in New Hampshire was like taking a slow breath out after a long inhale. Calming. Everywhere I looked I saw exquisite beauty, while wrapped in the comforting connection of my reunited extended family. It’s hard not to be present in this setting. After sharing a home-cooked meal, the young adult cousins decided to sit in the hot tub. They asked me if I would like to join them. I hesitated wondering if I wanted to bear my bathing-suited body and maybe get in the way of their fun. They insisted and I jumped in the hot tub with them and then into the lake. I’m close with all my nieces and nephews, so of course we all had an enjoyable time. Intentional living is taking advantage of the little moments to appreciate beauty and it is being part of the connection. I’m so glad I didn’t pass on the opportunity.  #intentionalliving is being present. #intentionalliving is jumping in.

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