#intentionalliving is Simple Things

Stop and Smell the Pastries. On a recent trip to Victoria, BC, we stumbled upon Murchie’s Coffee House. Gazing at their exquisite pastry-filled display case reminded me of the what can fill me up in each day. Not even tasting any of the delectable treats, I still was filled with awe at their beauty and promise. Taking in the scents and sounds of a bustling coffee shop on an early work walk down mainstreet made me feel fully alive. It doesn’t take much to make me feel grateful for each day. Some days are more pronounced. Intentional Living is stopping, taking pause and appreciating the care that is taken in creating something delicious and beautiful. Enjoying a pastry can be taking a bite or it can simply be enjoying the way they look. They both bring joy. #intentionalliving is in the simple things.

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