The Next Gen Leaders Program is designed to develop a strong pipeline of talent. The result is that they establish resilience, executive presence and the drive to leverage their talents. You get the best of what they offer and can comfortably plan on building them into your succession plan.

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The Market

If you manage young talent and want to invest in them for retention and succession planning, this program is tailored for you. Our country critically needs change agents who will make their companies and communities stronger by being transformational leaders. Between now and 2029, Baby Boomers have been and will be retiring at the rate of 10,000 people per day in the United States.¹ With such large numbers of this generation retiring, there is a lack of younger, prepared and dynamic leaders to take their places.

Young professionals want increased opportunities, therefore end up only staying in positions on average 2-5 years before moving on to new jobs that appear to meet their career satisfiers. The 2016 Deloitte Millennial Survey² titled “Winning over the next generation of leaders,” indicates that by 2020 66% of those in the 22-35 year old age bracket plan to leave their current employment.

Why Do You Need This?

Bridging the Gap with Next Generation Leaders, McFarlin 2017, study and white paper addresses what is desired and what is lacking in younger leadership. People who manage them are seeking strong communication skills, people skills, initiative, and motivation, but see these skills as lacking. Next generation Leaders have a strong desire to make an impact and drive results, but often do not have the ability to do so, leading to frustration and higher attrition. The impact of low employment duration is immense.³ The costs associated with the recruitment, hiring and on-boarding of new employees ranges from thousands of dollars per hire to 1.5 to 2 times their annual salary. Other considerations are loss of institutional knowledge, loss of productivity while filling a role, ramp up time to peak productivity, the impact on culture and the engagement of others who are affected by turn-over.

The answer is clear. Invest in young talent NOW to build the next generation leadership while creating alignment with what they are seeking in their careers and what managers need in leaders who will succeed them.

The Next Gen Leaders Program

This six month program is designed to develop emerging and seasoned talent, who are interested in growing in their role, moving up the ladder, being influential, creating impact and becoming agile leaders.

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