Pray Rain

Parched and thirsty, the desert anxiously awaits rain most of the year. In many parts of the country, rain is an unwelcome annoyance. In the desert, a rainy day is a joyous occasion. This riverbed is typically barren and dry until the rare heavy rainfall. It always feels wondrous to experience the rage and roar of a fast-flowing instant river, nourishing and restoring the eager vegetation. Sometimes we don’t recognize what may be dry or barren in our lives, just waiting to bloom. As the story goes, in a community desperately in need of rain, a Native American man prayed rain as if it already had happened instead of praying for the lack of rain. This practice inspired pray rain journaling. Whatever it is you are thirsty for and craving, journal as if it has already happened. Describe every sense involved with that thing having already occurred, been achieved or materialized. Place yourself in what it feels like to already be there. This is a powerful way of shifting your feelings away from doubt or lack and into the abundant feelings of creating what you most desire. What in your life is parched and yearning to be nourished?

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