“If you long for a life that feels a little out of reach – a life that reflects who you really are, integrating your life experiences, dreams and desires – Suzanne McFarlin may be the ideal coach for you. Suzanne specializes in helping you gain clarity about where you are in your life, where you want to go in the future, and how you can get there. By connecting you with your core self and providing you with the tools to craft a clear vision of your right life, her coaching can empower, calm, and inspire you. Her personal style focuses on helping you move through transitions, into a future you’ve deliberately created with purpose and meaning. Let Suzanne be a gentle, healing guide through your own changing circumstances, and help you discover all that your life is meant to be.”

Martha Beck. Renowned Author and Life Coach

On Coaching

“My coaching sessions with Suzanne were very open, honest and sincere. It was beneficial to hear someone else’s opinion and advice outside of my own work space. The feedback I received was candid and used in a positive way to help me improve. What I liked best is that we were able brainstorm together and use the feedback to develop my own personal management plan moving forward. It didn’t take long after to notice a really positive change in my work environment.”

Andy. Raytheon Missile Systems

“Professional coaching was essential to my growth as a leader and as a person. Suzanne had a skillful way of helping me to rise to the next level in my professionalism, emotional maturity, and ability to build relationships with others by keeping transparency top of mind. She helped me to focus on my strengths and to gain the confidence to continue to take risks.”

Penny. New York, Change Management Executive

On Leadership

“Suzanne opened my eyes to thinking about effective leadership in a holistic manner. During our leadership coaching engagement she fostered an environment which stimulated a positive and open dialogue on all the attributes of leadership both personally and professionally. Suzanne’s approach led us on a journey to explore thought provoking and educational leadership skills and challenged me to actively become a stronger and more effective leader through the deployment of the leadership tools and techniques learned during the coaching sessions. The coaching I received was truly transformational and I am particularly grateful to Suzanne for taking me on this journey to help me understand my authentic self, gain significant insight on the power of emotional intelligence and become a more thoughtful and engaging leader.”

Sean. Vice President, Manufacturing Company