On Leadership

 “Suzanne opened my eyes to thinking about effective leadership in a holistic manner. Suzanne’s approach led us on a journey to explore thought provoking and educational leadership skills and challenged me to actively become a stronger and more effective leader. The coaching I received was truly transformational.”

Sean. Vice President, Manufacturing Company

“With a growing business and additional team members, I sought out a professional executive coach to assist, advise and coach me through the transition into my next career stage. Suzanne’s approach was a balance between coaching, mentoring, informing and challenging. She has helped me, and my team, improve our communication, better understand each other’s personalities, values and strengths, and allowed us to develop positively as a group. And she has helped me personally grow my leadership capability, credibility and results. My work with Suzanne has enabled me to be a more effective leader, creating a more proactive organization with the best team I have worked with. I could not be more pleased with the relationship and the demonstrable results.”

Matthew A. Thrasher, Managing Partner, Thrasher Law Offices PLLC

On Engagement

 “Suzanne brought fun and insights to our Four Lenses off-site. We learned a lot about each other and ways to work together more effectively!”

Kenna Smith, Kaneen Communications

 “What stands out most about Suzanne is her professionalism. She makes sure there are no loose ends and has kept us on track while we are developing our regional literacy initiative.”

Steve Alley, President/CEO Community Foundation for Southern Arizona

On Coaching

“I thoroughly enjoyed Suzanne’s coaching process. In the midst of major life and career changes, Suzanne’s compassion as well as focus on helping me unearth what I needed to handle these changes and boldly take my next steps were a breath of fresh air. I appreciated her patience and firm guidance in helping examine what really motivates me and where my strengths lie so I could look at moving my career and personal decisions forward. Thank you Suzanne, for helping me to better serve my family, clients, company, and community.”

B.J. Cordova, Financial Advisor, Tucson, AZ

“Professional coaching was essential to my growth as a leader and as a person. Suzanne had a skillful way of helping me to rise to the next level in my professionalism, emotional maturity, and ability to build relationships with others by keeping transparency top of mind. She helped me to focus on my strengths and to gain the confidence to continue to take risks.”

Penny. New York, Change Management Executive

“My coaching sessions with Suzanne were very open, honest and sincere. It was beneficial to hear someone else’s opinion and advice outside of my own work space. The feedback I received was candid and used in a positive way to help me improve. What I liked best is that we were able brainstorm together and use the feedback to develop my own personal management plan moving forward. It didn’t take long after to notice a really positive change in my work environment.”

Andy. Raytheon Missile Systems

On Speaking

“Suzanne expertly lead an Emotional Intelligence (EQ) workshop for a group of women at our firm. Her presentation was pleasantly engaging and the activities she lead were (unexpectedly) enlightening. Suzanne is a true leader with the ability to inspire confidence in others.  I left the workshop feeling not only empowered, but equipped with tools I can use to ensure I always show up as my best self.”

Kim Paskal, Shareholder, BeachFleischman PC

“Suzanne provided a new way of looking at myself and how I am showing up in my life. I feel that more layers of the onion have been pulled away as I step into my life more fully present able to naturally bring unique purpose with me in all areas of my life. I love the way Suzanne shares from her own experiences of growth and personal development, creating an ease within her audience so that they discover truths about themselves.”

Kathleen Rose, Empower Tucson